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If your zone is equal to or higher than the zone listed for the plant, it will be hardy for you and thrive in your climate.

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Searching for something that will feel at home in your garden, adding color and fragrance without formality? This nifty native shrub has the best fall color of any bottlebrush, which is really saying something for a plant that's already well known for being an autumn beauty.

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In spring, honey-scented white flowers appear. Bottlebrush is one of the most shade tolerant landscape shrubs and thrives even in hot climates. It's a very nice choice for planting under trees.

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This lovely native plant lends an informal, natural charm anywhere it is planted. It is especially nice grouped under trees, or planted as a low hedge. It can also be incorporated into flower gardens or wildlife gardens. Bottlebrush is very easy to care for - it prefers average soil and at least four hours of sun each day.

It can grow well in shadier conditions, however, it may not flower as prolifically and fall color may not be quite as brilliant in very deep shade. This plant should has an appealing natural habit and is not suited to being cut back or trimmed regularly.

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Mature Size. This plant is hardy in zones 5 - 9. My Current Zone 0. Features Beauty for the ages.

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Top reasons to grow Legend of the Fall bottlebrush: - the best fall color of all bottlebrushes. Fragrant Flower.

Fall Interest. Native to North America.


This is the kind of story that usually appears in an interminable series of paperback novels with the titles embossed in silver, but in fact this material is based on a slim novella by Jim Harrison , who must be mighty surprised how much his stuff adapts to the screen just like Margaret Mitchell and John Jakes. It's not that the movie is bad.

It's pretty good, in fact, with full-blooded performances and heartfelt melodrama. It's that the material is so cheerfully old-fashioned it makes "Giant" look subtle. This is the kind of big, robust Western love story that just begs to be filmed - which, come to think of it, it has been. The movie stars Anthony Hopkins as Col.

source site Ludlow, whose distaste for the U. Cavalry's treatment of the Indians has led him to carve out an empire of his own in Montana. His wife, having borne him three sons, has repaired to the comforts of the East, leaving the Colonel to see them grow to manhood. There's Alfred Aidan Quinn , the oldest and most responsible. Tristan Brad Pitt , the middle son, whose idea of entertainment is to awaken hibernating bears and cut out their still-beating hearts. And there's Samuel Henry Thomas , the youngest.

The movie opens with portentous narration by One Stab Gordon Tootoosis , the Indian who is the Colonel's most trusted friend.

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  8. One Stab talks in the same kind of slightly hoarse, slightly musical profundity used by many Indians in the movies. Just as all airline pilots are said to have speech patterns influenced by Chuck Yeager, so many movie Indians seem to model their vocal style on the late Chief Dan George. We have a feeling One Stab's narration will not be able to entirely avoid the words of the movie's title, and we are correct.

    Soon Samuel returns from the east with Susannah, a young woman who is his fiancee. She is played by Julia Ormond , a young British actress who looks, here, uncannily like Ingrid Bergman.