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Lyn is more honest than he ever is when among the ton. Elena thinks she has met a man of great sensibility.

When they meet again, she finds him the complete opposite. Tell us something about the plotting of this series. Did you know each story before you began? The plotting of the series? I knew there were four boys and one girl in this generation of the Pennistan family. That was it for awhile.

Then it all began to take shape. I discovered that the duke, married in the first book, would be a widower by the end of the second book. I knew that the youngest, Gabriel, was in prison in France.

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His brother, David just returned from the dead having been missing for seven years and the third son, Jessup, was estranged from the family because of a gambling addiction. Olivia is a spoiled darling who, despite being overly indulged, is one of the most generous souls in England. That was all I knew, but knowing the characters is what is key for me. Once they are in my head the story takes shape — not always the way I imagine. For example, I had an important secondary character in the first book that turned out to be the hero in the second book.

I had no idea!

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Each book stands alone, but the family as a whole are important secondary characters in succeeding novels. It adds depth and interest if you know the people I am writing about. Did you run across any interesting research when writing this book?

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I always find intriguing details when I am researching. I read the details of the arguments In Parliament in I learned all about private bills in Parliament to remove land from an entail and to replace it with another parcel, all while looking for a revenge element that would fit into the story. Most of these proved much too esoteric. I learned the dueling itself was not against the law but killing someone was.

That was a very helpful tidbit.

Mary Blayney

I had great fun researching the architecture for the house that the duke kept for his mistress. I copied an actual French pavilion and then made up the inside. I love observing or designing how interior space is used and would move into this charming cottage in an instant. I wanted to show that his life is filled with responsibility up to and including who he marries and how much time he spends in London. You write very entertaining secondary characters.

Where do they come from? Most of my secondary characters just will not shut up. And as a writer I get to experiment with these intruders. The boy, Alan Wilson is another secondary character that I have not seen the last of. BTW, I used my neighbors name and now have a new fan. Inn Boonsboro is the best.

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In case Risky fans do not know, Nora Roberts fulfilled a dream when she was able to buy the oldest building a hotel in Boonsboro, MD and restored it to its former glory. It opened last February as a Bed and Breakfast. My goal is to stay in all eight rooms. Suzanne is a great innkeeper. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. Read an Excerpt. One More Kiss.

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Dispatched by their ambitious father to snag a titled husband, Beatrice Brent and her twin sister, Cecilia, attend a house party with an array of eligible gentlemen. But when flirting goes too far, Beatrice suddenly finds herself engaged and, worse, estranged from her family. A gambling man who has lost more than his family is willing to forgive him for, Jess quickly realizes that compromising Beatrice was the best mistake he ever made.

But to keep her he must right the wrongs of the past, reclaim his lost fortunes, and place the boldest wager of his life. For now he has everything to win. The book is light in tone and surprisingly literate in execution. Dialogue is more witty than suggestive, characters more chaste than reckless. One More Kiss is a delightful combination of social comedy, slight mystery, and sweet romance.

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One More Kiss is a charming double love story. Oh, the sparks that fly between Lord Jesse and Beatrice are so hot it is surprising that the pages do not sizzle. When illness strikes the traveling party, Lord David finds himself quarantined with Mia and a couple of servants. He quickly learns that while Mia is beautiful, she is more than just her looks. This is the fourth book from Ms Blayney concerning the Pennistan family. You do not need to read the first three books to enjoy this one but it is extremely nice if you have read them to catch up on all the characters.

Both have a depth making them real as well as interesting. The situations were perfect. An unknown illness would be extremely scary.

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Being found kissing a man that you were not married to or engaged to would be socially damning. Ending up in a house known for sexual meetings was enlightening.

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Social rules were strict and clear. Mia seldom complied with any of them.