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He holds degrees in orchestral conducting from Stanford University and the Catholic University of America. A native of Thailand, Siwat initially studied Economics in Bangkok before he decided to dedicate himself seriously to classical music. Siwat is living in Switzerland, where he is currently writing his PhD project at the Graduate School of Arts Bern, focusing on the reformation of Thai music after the Siamese revolution of Besides, he also works as a piano teacher, an ad-hoc pianist, an accompanist, as well as an amateur organist.

Her research focuses on music of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and in particularly that of France and the United States. She has published on French song and opera, women composers, exoticism, nationalism, reception history, and cultural transfer.

Twentieth-Century Chamber Music (Routledge Studies in Musical Genre)

She is currently writing a monograph titled: In the Shadow of Beethoven: Musical Universalism and Transnational Scholarship in the s. Her work focuses on issues of circulation, sharing, sociality and social media, fandom, gender, and representation. He is currently working on domestication of musical institutions in Finland.

Catherine A.

Twentieth century chamber music

She completed her Ph. Candidate in Music History at Yale University.

A Brief History of 20th Century Classical Music (Tetris-style)

Broadly considered, her work uses a variety of archival accounts to investigate networks of emergent media, institutional and corporate dynamics, and recording aesthetics. She has previously presented her work at the national meeting for the American Musicological Society. He received his Ph. He has written extensively on various topics of music history in Finland and elsewhere: popular music, music publishing, nationalism and transnationalism, folk music and ideology, concert institution and orchestral repertoires, radio music, and recording industry.

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She earned her Ph. Meebae LEE received her Ph. She also uses sociological perspectives to interpret the unique art music scenes in South Korea. She led research seminars at various universities including the Humboldt University Berlin, Manchester, Huddersfield and Birmingham. She performs regularly as a song accompanist and broadcasts on BBC Radio 3. She received her European PhD in Musicology for the dissertation Violin music in midth-century Madrid: contexts, genres, style Universidad de La Rioja, , cum laude.

His research covers a wide range of scholarly interests: intellectual and social history of musicology in Finland, intellectual history of music in the 19 th century, as well as the philosophy of music particularly the Frankfurt School. His research focuses on instrumental music in Spain during the eighteenth century, with particular emphasis on Italian composers such as Corelli, Boccherini, Brunetti and Scarlatti. He has authored or edited 10 books, including Joseph Haydn y el cuarteto de cuerda Madrid, , the joint publication of 16 string quartets by Gaetano Brunetti Madrid, and the critical edition of Clementina Bologna, for the Boccherini Complete Edition.

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He is also interested in music management, music programming and music performance studies. Her research focuses on music in the Bourbon Spanish court during the latter nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and on the evolution of flamenco guitar playing. Besides his scientific endeavors, he teaches at a regional music school and is an active performer.

His current dissertation project focuses on the intersections between music and exhibition culture in liberal Italy — Besides covering a large academic program, the Chairs projects deal essentially with music as intangible heritage, with commodification of traditional and local musical practices, among other fields of research.


Collaborative research actions have been developed in straight partnership with institutions, scholars and practitioners in Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Thailand. She is a music historian, and her research interests are in social, political and cultural history of music. In addition to the emergence of song festivals in Finland, her current research project examines the music culture of Finnish emigrants in the USA and Canada from the s to the s.

He completed his PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a dissertation focused on indie classical and new music in the twenty-first century United States. His research interests include American new music since the s and early American hymnody. Wording Edition. HE 1 textbook 2 Todd 1.

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